T&W Shower Doors offers one of the best glass coatings on the market called Tekon. Tekon is the leader in Green ecologically friendly surface protectors. The Tekon product is applied by T&W Shower Doors and is guaranteed to repel water for 5 years. Though it is not a maintenance free product, it does keep water spots from staining the glass. Our technicians are trained in the application process of applying Tekon.

Are glass coatings worth it? Yes! When glass is unprotected the hard water and soap scum stains the glass causing the glass to be etched. There are tiny pores in glass that the eye cannot see and they need to be filled in so that they shed tiny particles that most all water has. The Tekon coating fills in the pores of the glass while causing a slick surface so the water beads up and rolls down the glass. 

I heard that glass coatings don't work! We have heard the same thing. Unfortunately some companies do not use the right coating manufactures to buy from. Some companies use Tekon but, they do not get the license that Tekon requires them to have for the "A" chemical. Some of the chemicals are available on-line except the one that really works which is the product "A" which is the one that fills in the pores of the glass.
How do I know if it the Tekon coating stops working? When you wipe off the shower and the spots do not come off, then it is not working. If we applied your coating and it is within the 5 year warranty please call us to make an appointment for us to reapply the Tekon coatings. Toll Free 888-997-7577 
Can I have my existing shower coated with Tekon?  Yes, we can clean and apply Tekon to shower doors that are already water spotted.  

What do I get with the purchase of the glass coating?
• 5 year warranty
• 2-microfiber towels
• 1- bottle of 16oz. wash
• T&W Shower Doors will apply the "A" and "B" chemicals.