A tight shower door looks so much better if the Gaps between the wall and the door are very tight. This is determined by how straight your shower stall wall is. It is very important that you stress to your contractor that the shower wall be as straight as possible. When we say straight that doesn't mean plumb.  The plumpness of a wall is not a big factor because we cut the shower glass to the outages of the shower walls. We have selected hinges that work great for allowing the shower door glass to fight very close to the stall wall.  Our glass is cut with a notch for the glass clips so that the glass is fit nicely against the shower stall wall for stationary panels.

• Finished to Match Stainless Steel Alan Style Clamp Screws
• Self-Centering 0° Return (5° Positive Closure & 45° Configurations Available)
• Solid Forged Brass Construction
• Precision Machined 300 Series Stainless Steel Components
• Dual Precision Wound Stainless Steel Return Springs
• Self-Closing from 25 Degrees
• Non-Mouse Ear Design for Added Adjustment
• Designed for 3/8" and 1/2" Glass
• Wall Mount Hinges Include Finished to Match Stainless Steel Mounting Screws
• Rated at 50lbs Per Hinge


When the door is open there is a 7/8" gap. This is very important information
if you have a bull-nose that protrudes out from the tile wall.