We only use the best silicone that does not mildew or turn white over time. Shower doors are only beautiful if the silicone is applied correctly.


The type of silicone we use is designed for joining and sealing shower door glass to different types of tiles and other shower stall materials.  Our silicone has strong physical properties: 350 psi Tensile Strength; 120 psi Lap Shear at 1/8 inch (3 millimeter) thickness and Tear Strength of 25 ppi. It will seal glass to glass shower panels. (Mildew Resistant Clear contain a fungicide for cured beads that are mildew resistant).It will give a better seal and protect your family from harmful fungus spores. Here is a chart that will show you drying times and silicone specs. Silicone and Sealant Selector Chart. Or you can view a portion of it that just pertains to the type of silicone that we use. You will need to install  Adobe Acrobat Reader in-order to view this chart. It is a free software and you can down load it here.


We never run silicone up the side of the shower glass. We use very minimal silicone as possible to beautify your shower enclosure.
Keep in mind that there are no "U" channels to hide the silicone. On totally frame-less shower doors you see everything. Nothing is hidden!