We give phone quotes usually while we have you on the phone and here are some questions

that we might ask you.  Since all we do are Frameless shower doors we can give you a quote within minutes.



1-  What Configuration/kind of enclosure do you have? (We are patient and will listen to you explain how your shower stall is laid out)

     If we cannot figure it out, we will come to your home/job-site.

2-  Do you know the approximate measurements across the front shower?  

3-  Do you know the approximate measurements to the back wall?  (If applicable)

4-  Do you know the approximate measurement of the hight that you would like? 

5-  Are there any tiles or borders that we need to notch around?  

6-  What thickness of glass would you like? (3/8" or 1/2")

7-  Would you like Clear, Starphire or an Obscured/Pattern glass

8-  What is the finish/color of the hardware are you looking for? 

9- Would you like a towel bar, knob or handle?  (If you are looking for a special hardware let us know)

10-Is there an existing shower enclosure that we need to pull out? (We do not charge for removal of your old shower doors.) 

11-What city do you live in? ( We never raise prices if you live in a high income area.)

12-When would you like us to come out and take exact measurements? 


We love it when customers send pictures of there shower stalls.