About Us
T&W shower door specializes in manufacturing and distributing of the finest frameless shower doors and enclosures in the industry. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of shower glass hardware and installation. All of our frameless shower enclosures undergo a strict inspection of the glass and hardware. Our measurements of your shower stall are very precise and that is a guarantee.  Our shower doors exceed all industry standards and we do not keep standard size doors or panels in stock.  We manufacture the glass to fix your shower stall whether the shower stall is 1/8" - 1/2" out of plumb.

Technical Assistance

in addition to our custom glass fabrication drawings and schematics we offer personal support for those complicated shower configurations or if you wish just to get a second opinion we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is please offer you support in determining the best hardware for your Specific application.  in addition to our hardware and engineering skills we have many years of field experience to properly assist you with any questions you might have


T&W Shower Doors offers a lifetime guarantee against workmanship and manufacturing defects on all our shower door hardware.  We offer free glass door adjustments on doors that go out of adjustment, due to hinge sag. We are not responsible shower door adjustments due to house settling.  We offer an 8 year warranty on silicone as far as leakage. Our plastic polycarbonates are warranted only for 6 months due to hard water. We will replace bottom sweeps for a$50.00 service charge.  We offer no warranty on glass breakage or chipping after the install, due to the unpredictability of tempered glass.  If our installers chip or break the shower glass during the install we replace at no charge and will expedite your shower panel or door as quick as possible.  We offer no guarantee that our shower doors will not leak around the door.  We guarantee that your shower enclosure will not leak out of silicone areas.  If this happens please do not hesitate to call.  If your shower leaks out the door please call, we can apply various plastics to stop the water leakage at no charge.